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What are hazardous area zones?

Zone 0

Explosive or flammable gas/vapor is present all of the time. The ANSI/NEC classification method consider this environment a Division 1 area. As a guide for Zone 0, this can be defined as over 1000 hours/year or >10% of the time.

Zone 1

Explosive or flammable gas/vapor will be present or expected to be present for long periods of time under normal operating conditions. As a guide for Zone 1, this can be defined as 10–1000 hours/year or 0.1–10% of the time.

Zone 2

In this zone, the explosive or flammable gas/vapor would only be present under abnormal conditions. As a general guide for Zone 2, unwanted substances should only be present under 10 hours/year or 0–0.1% of the time.

Safe Area

An area where the only risk of a release of explosive or flammable gas would be such things as the propellant in an aerosol spray. This is classed as very low risk of causing an explosion and are more of a fire risk.